Summit View Permanent Supportive Housing Earns LEED Gold

Summit View Apartments, one of Practice's latest housing projects completed in collaboration with developer LA Family Housing and service provider and manager Many Mansions, recently earned LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Design of the 49-unit permanent supportive development for veterans in Sylmar embodies sustainability and wellness themes that not only meet LEED goals but also encompass values important to the firm and prospective residents:

The project’s material choices, landscape design, and plant palette focus on fire and landslide resilience. The program and building design emphasize a healing environment to promote wellness for former service members.

Prospect and Refuge
The project’s site and building design offer incredible views of the surrounding Sylmar landscape but also offer safety to residents and visitors.  Framed views from multiple perspectives create a sense of optimism within a secure environment.

Sensory Richness
Exposing residents to a rich sensory environment is known to improve self-regulation and can help adults overcome anxiety and other mental health challenges.

Movement and Serendipity
The design takes advantage of steep grade conditions to create multiple levels for exploration. These opportunities extend to individuals for self-discovery as well as chance social encounters for large and small groups to reinforce community.

Congratulations to the team on this distinctive achievement. As buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy carbon emissions, we understand the importance of recognizing sustainable potentials in design and construction in tackling climate change and improving the impact on personal health and wellbeing. Find out more about this award-winning project here.