LADOT Bus Maintenance Facility

6 acre site, 22,000sf maintenance and operations facility for the public DASH bus system

The new Downtown Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility provides a state-of-the-art vendor-operated home to the natural gas and electric-fueled regional LADOT DASH bus fleet. With the DASH bus system providing local neighborhood bus service within downtown and within 27 neighborhoods throughout the City, the downtown location of the new complex now lies in the geographic center of its service area.

The distinctive architectural form of the building, textural exterior finish, integration of site barriers, and rich landscape all work together to establish a meaningful iconic presence. The now nearly 6-acre site provides parking, fueling, and maintenance for 70 DASH buses; staff and driver structured parking; 22,000sf administration, operations, and training building; a large solar array for sun-shading and energy production; and landscape enriched green spaces all providing a safe and morale-building home for the Department.

The combination of high-performance material application with investment in extensive sustainable infrastructure, the LEED Platinum Certified facility is fully energy neutral, creating a surplus of energy for the City producing 140% percent of the energy needed to operate.

Los Angeles, CA
City of Los Angeles
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