Practice Celebrates 4 Years of Commitment to the AIA 2030 Challenge

Environmental stewardship is a core value at Practice, and we put significant energy into expanding our knowledge and design process on behalf of our clients and the natural world. Practice joined the AIA 2030 Commitment, a global architecture and building community pledge to reduce emissions and achieve net zero energy from building and construction industry by 2030.

In 2024 Practice celebrates its fourth year towards the commitment, which includes:

- Designing all new buildings, developments, and major renovations to meet energy performance standards of 80% below the regional average
- Renovating at a minimum, an equal amount of existing building area annually to meet energy performance standards of 80% below the regional average
- Increasing fossil fuel reduction standards for all new buildings and major renovations to:
• 80% in 2020
• 90% in 2025
• Carbon-neutral in 2030

Practice prioritizes passive design strategies and uses a variety of energy modeling and performance tools to achieve maximum energy efficiency. We also integrate energy-efficient systems, energy management systems and renewable energy technologies to meet the remaining, or large portion of, our building’s energy demands.

Finally, all projects utilize iterative energy and carbon modeling, daylight analysis, and renewable energy layouts throughout the entire design process to gather data and insights. These metrics allow our team to understand the interactive effects of design decisions and to assess progress toward meeting the 2030 targets.