Press Release: GGA+ Rebrands to Practice, Reflecting Commitment to Design-Forward Architecture for Social Change

June 17th, LOS ANGELES GGA+ (formerly Gonzalez Goodale Architects) is now Practice. After over 40 years in business, this rebrand signifies Practice's dedication to advancing the firm’s legacy of providing quality design and architectural services to projects of public benefit, through a redefined mission to “co-create environments that effect social change through design-forward thinking. For everyone.” Alongside the new name and mission, Practice refreshes the company’s logo, values, visual identity, office, and website.

Practice deepens the studio’s commitment to innovative, design-forward solutions that address the evolving needs of modern public architecture in Southern California’s education, housing, and civic sectors. “This rebrand expands the values that have led us since Armando Gonzalez’s founding of the studio and provides a more focused framework to carry forward our work and vision,” said Managing Principal Ali Barar.

The transition to Practice from GGA+ further embraces the firm’s horizontal culture and collective force. Partners Ali Barar, Staci Nesbitt, Harry Drake, and Greg Kochanowski will continue to lead the studio’s talented designers and staff, now over 40 members strong. “The name Practice embraces our journey of intentional learning, reflective solution-finding, and the tangible application of our beliefs toward improving the world,” said Kochanowski.

The new brand represents the studio’s people-centered design philosophy with a humanistic, design-forward visual identity. “Our studio mirrors the vibrancy and diversity that is Southern California, deeply rooting our projects in the communities we serve and partner with,” Barar said. “I am proud of our studio’s positive impact on quality public life in our region. Through this rebrand, we double-down on our mission, continuing to provide forward-thinking, sustainable architecture and innovative design solutions that help our communities thrive.”

Practice operates from its newly redesigned office space in Old Pasadena. The renewed studio space reflects the firm’s deep commitment to sustainability, wellness, and collaboration, illustrating Practice's holistic approach to designing joyful and inclusive spaces energized by human connection.

For more information, visit Practice’s new website at

About Practice

Founded in 1979, Practice (formerly GGA+) provides quality design and architectural services, deeply engaging diverse partners to create education, housing, and civic environments. The studio integrates sustainable, inclusive practices with design forward thinking. Building on decades of experience to push architectural innovation through real-world constraints, Practice aims to inspire joy and drive social change for every client and community served.